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Hybrid-workshop: Basic Collections Techniques

Museum für Naturkunde Berlin

22. - 26. November 2021

Hybrid-workshop: Basic Collections Techniques

The training Basic Collections Techniques

is an introductory module on care and management of natural history collections aimed at persons that have limited experi-ence with collection work or those who wish to update their knowledge in this field. This training will consist of three main types of content: a block on preventive conserva-tion, a block on documentation, digitization and labelling and an introduction to collec-tion types including aspects of dry and wet collections with their specific requirements.This training will provide a brief insight into the most essential topics of basic collection care and management, including aspects of preservation and preventive conservation.

Shipping workshop

The training Basic Collections Techniques is followed by an optional one-day training on shipping specimens internationally. This is an introduction to sending out collection objects in compliance with all legal and regulatory requirements. Basic Collections Techniques and Shipping Workshop can be combined to a whole week of training in Berlin or online.

Event information

Basic Collections Techniques topics covered

Preventive Conservation: climate, light, VOCs and detection, disaster preparedness, moving collections, integrated pest management, biocides (health and safety)

Data documentation, digitization and labelling: handling of field data, registration, data cleaning, database, types of digitization, requirements for object digitization, workflows in mass digitization, labels in wet collections, labels in dry collections

Basic techniques in collection care: A: Dry collections: entomological collections, skins and bones, paleontological collections (esp. amber), mineralogical collections, botany collections; B: wet collections, properties of ethanol, denaturing agents, jars, lids, issue of ph in wet collection etc.


Covid-19 rules apply: in person training is only available to persons who present proof of full vaccination (Pfizer-Biontech, Moderna, Astra Zeneca or Johnson and Johnson vaccines) or recovery of Covid-19 infection (i.e. between 28 days and six months after positive PCR-test, otherwise: vaccination) or a daily negative test for this pandemic. N.B. should the requirements issued by the authorities towards an in-person-meeting change, the rules specified above will be adjusted accordingly. In the worst of cases, the in-person part of the workshop will also have to be held online.

Veröffentlicht am 09.11.2021