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Collecting Covid-19 part 2

Public History Seminar, School of Advanced Study – University of London

17. März 2021 17.30 Uhr

Collecting Covid-19 part 2:
Exploring the methodological approaches and practices to collecting objects and how they changed in 2020
17 March 5:30pm GMT
Dr. Ellie Miles and Rosamund Lily West (London Transport Museum) & Dr. Sarah Laurenson and Sophie Goggins (National Museums Scotland)

The Covid-19 pandemic continues, but it wasn’t the only event of 2020 that has impacted and shaped our view of the world as movements like Black Lives Matter gained traction and statues of slave owners were toppled. Over two seminars the Public History Seminar will look at the ways museums have been recording and collecting this moment in our history. This second seminar will look more closely at physical objects, with guest speakers from National Museums Scotland and the London Transport Museum. The seminar will focus at how and why objects were collected during a time of infection and physical distance. The seminar also considers how the act of collecting and contemporary collecting practices can reflect values of institutions and ask if they can be anti-racist.

You can register here: https://www.history.ac.uk/seminars/public-history-seminar

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