Mobile Museums

Felix Driver (Hg.), Mark Nesbitt, Caroline Cornish
Mobile Museums

„Mobile Museums“ presents an argument for the importance of circulation in the study of museum collections, past and present. It brings together an impressive array of international scholars and curators from a wide variety of disciplines – including the history of science, museum anthropology and postcolonial history – to consider the mobility of collections. The book combines historical perspectives on the circulation of museum objects in the past with contemporary accounts of their remobilization, notably in the context of Indigenous community engagement. Contributors seek to explore processes of circulation historically in order to reexamine, inform and unsettle common assumptions about the way museum collections have evolved over time and through space.

By foregrounding questions of circulation, the chapters in „Mobile Museums“ collectively represent a fundamental shift in the understanding of the history and future uses of museum collections. The book addresses a variety of different types of collection, including the botanical, the ethnographic, the economic and the archaeological. Its perspective is truly global, with case studies drawn from South America, West Africa, Oceania, Australia, the United States, Europe and the UK. „Mobile Museums“ helps us to understand why the mobility of museum collections was a fundamental aspect of their history and why it continues to matter today.

Veröffentlicht am 27.04.2021